Why is it Worth Getting Carpets
Professionally Cleaned?

Carpets get dirty with regular use, that’s a fact, and vacuuming alone simply can’t eliminate a range of contaminants that end up deeply embedded within the carpet fibres. This is why our professional carpet cleaning Long Island is the key when it comes to properly maintaining your floor coverings. Depending on your lifestyle, level of use and the size of your household, you should consider hiring carpet cleaning specialists 1 to 2 times a year, outside your routine DIY carpet cleaning efforts.


But if you own or manage a busy commercial carpeted space, then, you may need to resort more regularly to specialised carpet steam cleaning services, of course.

You see, when industry-grade carpet cleaning equipment is used for the job, a large number of pathogens and allergens are neutralised from your area rugs and carpets for good. For instance, dust mites, pet dander. pollen, mould and various types of bacteria can easily find their way and accumulate onto your carpeting.
And worse, when disturbed by daily foot traffic, airborne allergy triggers will inevitably affect the indoor air quality, causing potential respiratory problems to susceptible people or asthma sufferers.
After all, it’s been proven that 70% of allergic incidents, as well as flu-and cold-like symptoms in people are caused by exactly this – the build-up of germs and harmful microorganisms on upholstered furniture and textile floor coverings.

Last but not least, regular steam cleaning of your carpets ensures their longevity and beautiful appearance, as the stain removal properties of professional hot water extraction equipment are well-known and proven.