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Upholstery can trap dirt, allergens and soils that wear down the fibers and dull the appearance. Visible stains are one thing that is generally appeared on your upholstered items. Kids spill food, or other liquid on a sofa, couch or chair, which is a common scenario of almost every home.
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We are providing commercial and residential carpet cleaning services for Long Island.
We clean a range of fabrics, tailoring our processes to suit what your lounge needs.

Sofa Cleaning


Chair Cleaning

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Full Service Upholstery Cleaning Long Island

  • Advanced stain removal solutions
  • Eco-Friendly cleaning & protection
  • Soil Extraction and Rinse
  • Competitive, affordable and fixed rates
  • No hidden charges, no deposits in advance

Additionally, we provide steam extraction services for carpet cleaning Long Island. Curtains, sofas, chairs and couch steam cleaning that are prone to hiding dust within them. Couches and sofas are where your kids or pets lay down after a tough day at school or fun play outside in the backyard. Keep Furniture dust free, hygienic & refreshed through our steam based Sofa Cleaning Services.

Don’t worry, we are here for you!

We inspect upholstery for fiber type, physical defects, staining. fastness and staining. After, we use fabric-friendly cleaners that safely remove maximum soil.

We can professionally clean your upholstered furniture, so that you will never feel embarrassed by thinking about your furniture.

Sofa Love Seat Deep Cleaning $129 Book now!

The technician applies the appropriate EPA upholstery cleaning solution to loosen and lift embedded dirt.

Our vacuum extraction flushes out and removes the dirt, stains, odors, and the original cleaning solution. Depending on the type of fabric, after your upholstery steam cleaning your furniture will be dry within 3 to 8 hours.

To safeguard your upholstered furniture from future spills, stains and the like, we also offer a fabric protectant that adds an extra layer of protection to the fabric fiber. This invisible protectant will not only extend the life of the piece, but will also give you an opportunity to treat accidental spills before they can create lasting stains.

Unpleasant odors, especially from pets, can ruin a piece of furniture. From food to kids to pets, your home is filled with odors that can become trapped in the fibers of your upholstery. Our powerful furniture deodorizer acts to remove odors from your upholstery, immediately neutralizing them at their source, rather than simply covering up the smell.

We recommend having our couch deodorizer applied as part of your professional upholstery cleaning services.


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Carpet Cleaning Long Island can service residential and commercial buildings in Long Island NY. From homes and offices through to aged care facilities, hospitals, schools, restaurants and more, we can handle upholstery cleaning jobs of all types and sizes.